I grew up between the Rocky Mountains and the Basin & Range, and in that west, it gets mystic when you're lying outside, fire's gone out, dog's asleep, tap tap tap rhythm fingers on the grass.

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ADVANCED CONTROLS: shift + click to offset notes.

Made by Luke Williams with some important love and help from Blair Johnson for the #mysticwestern game jam in June 2016. Inspired by some polyrhythms that my west-and-getting-wester friend Jesse Quebbeman-Turley played with his friend Luc.

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UPDATE 07.12.2016 — v1.2.0 — Added note offsetting (shift+click)

UPDATE 07.13.2016 — v1.3.0 — Added pitch control

Published Jun 29, 2016
AuthorLuke and Blair
TagsMusic, music-tool
Average sessionA few seconds